There’s a conversation happening. 

It’s taking place in offices and schools; in the news and behind closed doors; from Atlanta to Australia. And we’re all a part of it.

This conversation starts with the news of Squishiepuss, Atlanta-based artist Ray Geier whose catalog of abuses against women came to light earlier this year. But this story is not about him. Instead, it’s about the people who saw that injustice and made art from it, as well as a space for healing. And it’s about the body of work that lies ahead.

If I Told You… was born from the fallout, in the same gallery space that would have housed Geier’s works. In their place came a group exhibition consisting of work by female-identifying artists, it brought together visual art, immersive performance, and community discussion around themes of harassment, assault, violence, and the treatment of the female body. If I Told You… wraps this week at The Beacon, but the mission – to amplify the voices of women and girls, and affirm their lived experiences – continues to remind us that believing women and girls is a radical act.

Men Stopping Violence facilitated two conversations as part of the event. Over and over we remember our organization’s first core principle: Women’s voices and experiences must be central to our work with men. To be effective in ending violence against women, men must be willing to hear and see the experiences of women across divisions of class, ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation. We know that violence against women will stop when men stop it. That’s why MSV works to create new norms – ones that promote safety and justice rather than unquestioned patriarchy. Through workshops, training, and education and outreach programs, MSV commits to challenging privilege, fostering accountability, and strengthening our communities together. 

Stand with Men Stopping Violence.

"Deception" by artist Krista M. Jones is one of the works on display at "If I Told You...". The exhibition is open through March 28.

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