The Decatur Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi (KAP) is stepping up to help end violence against women. 

MSV is excited to partner with KAP, a traditionally African American fraternity, to introduce a gender justice initiative into their well-established Guide Right mentoring program.

“For us to get ahead on these struggles in our community, it is important to educate our young men on gender equality,” said Guide Right Program Chair Norman Pitts. “We want the boys in the Kappa Alpha Psi Guide Right Program to have the tools they need to grow socially and economically.”

Pitts explained that one of the reasons KAP was ready to introduce a gender justice component was because they recognized a need to address all forms of abuse and violence, so this was an opportunity to be a part of something very timely and to help effect change.

As part of MSV’s overarching mission, we challenge systems that oppress men and women because of gender, class, sexual orientation, age, and/or race/ethnicity. MSV asserts that violence against women is not an individual pathology, but a systemic control tactic that cannot be uncoupled from other oppressive systems of control, such as racism or heterosexism. MSV’s work is based on the premise that these systems are intertwined and, therefore, should be addressed as parts of a whole.

This partnership between MSV and KAP is an example of the kind of collaboration necessary to tackle broad and complex issues like violence against women. As Norman Pitts noted, “MSV is established within the project and has both resources and research. MSV has already laid the groundwork.”

Join Men Stopping Violence in engaging all men to create safer communities.

Photo Credits: Top photo is from national Kappa Alpha Psi FaceBook front page. Other photos provided by the Decatur Alumni Chapter of KAP.

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